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A client asked us: Aircraft financing — the mandatory declaration under the Cape Town Convention and its impact on secured creditors

Canada - September 28 2017 We heard that a Contacting State can and shall make declarations with respect to certain articles of the Cape Town Convention at the time of…

Marie-France Béland

A banker asked us: Does the Cape Town Convention affect pre-existing rights and interests or their priorities in Canada?

Canada, South Africa - June 26 2017 We've heard about the expiration of the “grandfather clause” (in French, clause grand-père) in the Cape Town Convention, whereby pre-existing…

Marie-France Béland

A banker asked us: Why is there an English language clause in Québec documents and when is this clause mandatory?

Canada - March 30 2017 Q: We often see an English language clause in commercial documents when dealing with parties from Québec. Why is this clause included in those…

Marie-France Béland

Canadian securities regulators publish revised guidance on reports of exempt distribution

Canada - October 4 2016 New rules relating to reports filed with Canadian securities regulators in connection with private placements came into force on June 30, 2016 (see…

Martine Guimond

Public contracts: The new Bill 108 reinforces the oversight of contracts with public bodies

Canada - July 15 2016 On June 8, 2016, the Government of Québec presented Bill 108: An Act to Facilitate Oversight of Public Bodies’ Contracts and to Establish the…

Pierre Lissoir