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Biovail v. Apotex; merits of 55.2 proceeding; metformin

Canada - February 12 2010 The Court dismissed the application for prohibition.

Janssen-Ortho v. Apotex; interlocutory motion for reply evidence; methylphenidate

Canada - February 12 2010 In two NOC proceedings, the order of evidence was reversed.

Sanofi-Aventis v. Apotex/Novopharm/Riva, interlocutory motion to consolidate actions

Canada - January 20 2010 Sanofi brought a motion to consolidate three actions pertaining to damages pursuant to section 8 of the NOC Regulations.

Eli Lilly v. Hospira, interlocutory motion regarding further and better affidavit of documents

Canada - January 20 2010 In a case of patent infringement, the Case Management Prothonotary had ordered Hospira to produce a further and better Affidavit of Documents pursuant to an earlier motion by the Plaintiffs.

Canada (Attorney General) v. Celgene Corporation, appeal of a PMPRB decision

Canada - January 20 2010 The Court of Appeal overturned the decision of the Trial Judge and restored the decision of the PMPRB providing jurisdiction to the PMPRB over medicines imported under the Special Access Program.