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Pfizer v. ratiopharm, motion to intervene in appeal of infringement proceedings

Canada - December 3 2009 The Court of Appeal denied BIOTEC Canada’s and Eli Lilly’s leave to intervene in Pfizer’s appeal of the Court’s decision to invalidate a patent for amlodipine.

Pfizer v. ratiopharm, motion to amended a previous judgment on the merits

Canada - December 3 2009 ratiopharm was successful in the proceeding under the NOC Regulations at the trial level, but the decision was overturned on appeal.

Court injects "duty of candour" requirements for patent agents

Canada - November 24 2009 In a recent decision pursuant to the NOC Regulations, the Federal Court considered s. 73(1) of the Patent Act, and held that there is a duty for patent agents to reply in good faith and make full and frank disclosure to the patent examiner.

Sanofi-Aventis v. Canada; PMPRB decision

Canada - November 2 2009 Sanofi was seeking judicial review of an interlocutory decision of the Board, which was made during the course of dealings that had lasted a number of years.

Eli Lilly v. Novopharm; merits of an infringement proceeding

Canada - November 2 2009 After a trial on the merits, the Court found that the patent at issue was invalid as it is not a valid selection patent.