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AstraZeneca v. Apotex; interlocutory motion for reply evidence; esomeprazole

Canada - February 12 2010 The Court dismissed AstraZeneca's appeal from the order of a prothonotary refusing to strike parts of Apotex' evidence and refusing to permit the applicants to file reply.

Apotex v. Sanofi; interlocutory motion re: affidavits of documents; clopidogrel

Canada - February 12 2010 Both parties brought motions for further and better affidavits of documents.

Epicept v. Minister of Health; interlocutory motion for confidentiality; histamine

Canada - February 12 2010 Epicept has filed for a judicial review of the Minister's decision that its histamine dihydrochloride product is not an innovative drug and is thus not eligible for listing on the register of innovative drugs.

Janssen-Ortho v. Novopharm; merits of 55.2 proceeding; methylphenidate

Canada - February 12 2010 The only issue in this proceeding was an allegation of non-infringement and the application for prohibition was dismissed.

Mycogen v. Bayer and Monsanto; motion for summary judgment

Canada - February 12 2010 Bayer brought a motion for summary judgment on the basis that Monsanto had missed the time set out by the Commissioner under section 43 of the Patent Act to respond to the conflict proceeding.