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The Artificial Intelligence and Data Act

Canada - March 7 2023 The AIDA is proposed as part of Bill C-27, An Act to enact the Consumer Privacy Protection Act, the Personal Information and Data…

Marc-Antoine Bigras, Wendy J. Wagner, Michael Walsh

Annotated guide to Law 25

Canada - February 24 2023 Québec’s Law 25 is the latest and most significant privacy legislation development in Canada. It follows the 2021 adoption of Bill 64, An Act to…

Brent J. Arnold, Marc-Antoine Bigras, Hunter Fox, Julia Kappler, Christopher Oates, Jasmine Samra, Caitlin Schropp, Kavi Sivasothy, Melissa Tehrani, Wendy J. Wagner, Michael Walsh

Canadian privacy breach notification requirements: An overview

Canada - January 27 2023 Canadian organizations that have experienced a privacy breach, in most cases, will have a legal duty to notify the individuals affected by the breach…

Brent J. Arnold, Hunter Fox, Christopher Oates, Jasmine Samra, Caitlin Schropp, Kavi Sivasothy, Wendy J. Wagner, Michael Walsh

Comment déclarer des incidents de confidentialité en vertu de la nouvelle loi 25 au Québec

Canada - November 24 2022 Le 22 septembre 2022 a été une date marquante pour le droit de la protection des renseignements personnels au Québec : la première série de dispositions de la Loi…

Angelina Argento-Scalia

The ABC's of reporting a privacy breach under Quebec's new Law 25

Canada - November 24 2022 Sept. 22, 2022 marked a pivotal moment for privacy law in Québec: it is the day on which the first set of requirements under Law 25, the Act to…

Angelina Argento-Scalia