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Manufacturing Face Masks During the COVID Pandemic

Canada - May 5 2020 The COVID crisis has precipitated an urgent and unprecedented need for Personal Protective Equipment ("PPE"). In parts of the US, physicians have…

Erin D. Farrell, Laura Gomez, Josh Hanet

Cuba update: Helms Burton Title III activated

USA - May 8 2019 On April 17, 2019, the United States made the historic decision to cease suspension of Title III of the Cuba Liberty and Democratic Solidarity…

Gregory Biniowsky, Richard G. Dearden, Thomas J. Timmins

Health Canada responds to medical device regulation gaps

Canada - April 24 2019 In late 2018, a series of news articles took aim at Canada's regulation of medical devices, alleging that Health Canada's medical device approval and…

Erin D. Farrell, Josh Hanet

Good Faith in Insurance Dealings: A Two Way Street

Canada - February 4 2019 It is commonly known that contracts of insurance are contracts of utmost good faith, requiring the parties to deal with each other fairly and in good…

Belinda A. Bain