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New UK Sanctions Package Would Target Russia’s Arms Exports, Front-Line Resources

Russia, United Kingdom - March 13 2023 The UK announced a further round of sanctions and trade measures on 24 February 2023 to coincide with the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of…

Gavin Costelloe, Bethany Histed, Annabel Thomas

UK and U.S. Announce ‘Enhanced Partnership’ on Economic Sanctions Implementation, Enforcement

United Kingdom, USA - October 19 2022 The United Kingdom and United States announced in a joint statement on 17 October a new strategy to cooperate and collaborate further on economic…

Kara M. Bombach, Gavin Costelloe, Bethany Histed, Annabel Thomas

Incoming UK Sanctions on Professional Services

European Union, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA - October 6 2022 On 30 September the UK announced a series of significant additional sanctions in response to Russia’s illegal annexations in Ukraine following…

Gavin Costelloe, Bethany Histed, Annabel Thomas

Wined and fined: FSI imposes financial penalty on UK company for Publicising sanctioned Crimean winery

European Union, United Kingdom - October 2 2022 The UK Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (OFSI) announced on 27 September that it imposed a £30,000 penalty on UK company Hong Kong…

Gavin Costelloe