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Default fiduciary duties for managers of Delaware limited liability companies? Proposed amendments to the Delaware Limited Liability Act may put an end to the debate

USA - May 29 2013 In the last few editions of the GT M&A Report, we have examined recent Delaware case law on the fiduciary duties of managers of Delaware limited…

Kenneth A. Gerasimovich, Sun-Young Park

Unclaimed property in M&A transactions: the potential for an unwelcome surprise

USA - May 3 2012 As the economy continues to recover, an increase in M&A activity is expected.

Marc J. Musyl, Sarah Niemiec Seedig

CFPB makes first preemption determinations on state unclaimed property laws relating to gift cards

USA - May 20 2013 Recently, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) published a final determination as to whether the unclaimed property laws of Maine and…

Marc J. Musyl, Gil Rudolph, Sarah Niemiec Seedig