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NFT Endorsed by Celebrities Prompts Class Action

USA - December 27 2022 Since the early days of the launch of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) non-fungible tokens (NFTs), several celebrities have promoted the NFTs. On Dec…

Barbara A. Jones, William B. Mack

8 Influencers Charged in $100 Million Securities Fraud Scheme

USA - December 27 2022 On Dec. 14, 2022, the SEC announced charges against eight social media influencers in a $100 million securities fraud scheme in which they allegedly…

Barbara A. Jones, William B. Mack

SEC Charges Kim Kardashian with Violating Anti-Touting Law, Signals to Celebrities that Payments for Endorsements Must Be Disclosed

USA - October 18 2022 To Kim Kardashian’s fans and followers, her endorsement of a product signals the product is on trend. However, when a simple post endorsing…

Barbara A. Jones, William B. Mack

Digital Assets: Financial Stability Oversight Council Risk Report Assesses Regulatory Gaps; Offers Recommendations

Global, USA - October 17 2022 On Oct. 3, the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) took another step in identifying, assessing, and responding to the risks various types of…

Barbara A. Jones, William B. Mack

New Laws Increase Oversight of New York State’s Minority- and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) Program, Reinforce NYC’s Commitment to MWBE Procurement Program

USA - October 11 2022 New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed into law a package of three bills that will increase oversight of the Minority-and Women-Owned Business…

Mark F. Glaser, John L. Mascialino