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California enacts new law affecting cause-related marketing programs

USA - October 8 2021 On Oct. 7, 2021, California Gov. Newsom signed into law AB 488 to regulate online fundraising platforms engaged in the business of soliciting…

Ed Chansky, Alice L. Kessler, Patrick Shannon

Private Equity Investments in the Nevada Gaming Industry

USA - May 7 2020 The state of Nevada has historically been receptive to establishing the regulatory means for new capital to flow into the state's primary industry…

Mark A. Clayton

Nevada’s Preliminary Finding of Suitability for New Gaming Market Entrants

USA - May 4 2020 For an entity or individual considering an investment in the Nevada gaming market, the Nevada Gaming Control Act (Act) has a process by which the…

Mark A. Clayton

Loot Box or Pandora’s Box? Regulation of Treasure Chests in Video Games

USA - July 22 2019 One form of digital promotion that has recently drawn attention across several states and countries is the sale of treasure chests or “loot boxes” in…

Ed Chansky

Washington, D.C. Weighs in on Auto-Renewal Programs

USA - May 20 2019 Washington, D.C. recently joined the list of states with laws addressing auto-renewal or “negative option” programs, where consumers sign up for…

Ed Chansky