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Checking up on state campaign finance, ethics and lobbying laws

USA - July 17 2012 Over the past few months several developments have occurred concerning campaign finance, ethics and lobbying at the state level.

Carol A. Laham

Kentucky joins the list of states regulating placement agents as lobbyists

USA - May 16 2012 In April, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear signed into law former H.B. 300.

Carol A. Laham

In New Jersey, political contributions lead to questions about an improper racetrack lease

USA - May 16 2012 Recently, a New Jersey state agency cited various pay-to-play law issues in denying a racetrack-related contract to a prospective state contractor. 

Carol A. Laham

Some New York lobbyists and clients must soon disclose sources of lobbying funds

USA - May 16 2012 In 2011, the state of New York enacted legislative changes to its lobbying, gift and campaign finance laws as part of the "Public Integrity Act of 2011".

Carol A. Laham

State campaign finance law changes -- just in time for the 2012 election

USA - March 15 2012 With most of the political media focused on the ongoing presidential primary campaign, the state-level elections on the ballot this year are often over-looked. 

Carol A. Laham