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Italian Criminal Court of Cassation Issues Important Decision on IBLOR Fronting Structures

Italy - July 24 2019 Under Legislative Decree No. 385/1993 (the "Banking Act"), the activity of granting of loans to the public, in any form whatsoever, can be carried out…

Sara Artelli, Juljan Puna

Whistleblowing Within the European Union: A Path Forward a Greater Protection

European Union - May 15 2019 On April 16, 2019, the European Parliament approved by great majority (591 votes, with 29 votes against and 33 abstentions) new rules aiming at more…

Francesca Petronio, Irene Saura

Italy: New Bankruptcy Code

Italy - February 19 2019 Italy has replaced its Bankruptcy Act of 1942 with a comprehensive reform, the process for which started two years ago. On 19 October 2017, Parliament…

Giulia Fiorelli, Juljan Puna

The EU is Launching “INSTEX” to Support Trade with Iran Despite U.S. Sanctions

European Union, Iran - February 4 2019 On January 31, 2019—four months after the EU Commission confirmed its intention to adopt specific measures aimed at facilitating trade with Iran and…

Fabio Cozzi

The EU Commission Aims Its “Blocking Statute” at Renewed U.S. Sanctions Against Iran: What Will This Mean for EU Companies?

Iran - May 29 2018 On Tuesday, May, 8, 2018 President Donald Trump announced that the United States will no longer extend the waivers that have suspended U.S. sanctions…

Fabio Cozzi, Behnam Dayanim, Scott M. Flicker