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Seller Beware: California Bans Fur and Alligator Skin Products

USA - November 12 2019 On October 12, 2019, California became the first state in the country to ban the sale of Products Containing exotic Animal skins and furs…

Meegan Brooks, Lia Metreveli

Auto-Renewal Cases - They Just Keep Coming

USA - January 25 2018 Dozens of lawsuits have been filed in the last several years attacking retailers’ subscription or automatic renewal programs for failing to comply…

Meegan Brooks

House Passes Bill to Curb “Drive-By” ADA Lawsuits

USA - February 20 2018 On February 15, 2018, in an apparent effort to curb the phenomenon known as “drive-by” lawsuits, the US House of Representatives passed an amendment…

David Mesa

Understanding the Uyghur forced labor prevention act and what comes next

OECD, USA - February 14 2022 On December 23, 2021, and following strong bipartisan support in Congress, President Biden signed the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (“UFLPA” or…

Nicholas Kimbrell, Surya Kundu, Cole Musto, Zachary Simmons, Jeffrey G. Weiss

See Ya Later Alligator (Ban): California Losing Effort to Ban Exotic Skin Sales

USA - October 27 2020 California may have finally lost its 40+ year effort to ban sales of alligator and crocodile products based on federal preemption. Luxury retailers…

Meegan Brooks, Amanda C. Schwartz