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Federal Contractors: Increased Minimum Wage Requirement is Coming January 2022

USA - May 6 2021 On April 27, 2021, the Biden administration issued an Executive Order requiring a minimum wage of $15.00 per hour under covered federal contracts and…

Elizabeth A. Schallop Call, Paul R. Hurst, Yvonne Malino

Final Regulations on Exempt Organization Excess Compensation Excise Tax

USA - January 12 2021 On Monday, January 11, Treasury and the IRS released final regulations under section 4960. Section 4960, enacted as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act…

John Cobb, Elinor Ramey

Interim Rule Implements Section 889 Ban on Contractors Using Technologies from Certain China-Based Companies

China, USA - July 15 2020 Beginning August 13, 2020, executive agencies will be prohibited from contracting with companies that use "covered telecommunications products or…

Paul R. Hurst, Peter Edward Jeydel, Meredith Rathbone

Higher Education Under the Prosecutorial Microscope

USA - June 26 2020 Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) are increasingly finding themselves in the crosshairs of high-profile criminal enforcement efforts. Recent…

Brittany Prelogar, Evan Abrams, David B. Hirsch, James M Hobbs, Edward J. Krauland, Michelle L. Levin, Patrick F. Linehan

Lender Beware Series - Part III: Criminal Exposure for Banks Participating in the CARES Act

USA - May 5 2020 Uncle Sam wants US financial institutions to help with the distribution of trillions of dollars under the CARES Act, and has provided those…

Leah M. Quadrino, Jeremy B. Glen, Stacie R. Hartman, Matthew Kulkin, Jason Meade, Michael Campion Miller, Ashwin J. Ram, Anna M. Stressenger