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Insider Trading Developments Trigger New Liability Concerns

USA - June 16 2021 This update considers recent developments in the Securities & Exchange Commission and Congress relating to insider trading law and supplements the…

David B. Hirsch, Michelle L. Levin, Michael Campion Miller

The Due Process Protections Act: A New Opportunity for Defense Counsel to Advocate for Broad and Meaningful Brady Orders in Criminal Cases

USA - January 27 2021 The Due Process Protections Act amended the Federal Rules of criminal procedure to require district courts to issue, at the outset of every criminal…

Brian M. Heberlig, Nicholas P. Silverman

One Supreme Court Arbitration Case to Watch this Fall

USA - September 3 2019 This fall, the US Supreme Court will consider the question of whether the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards…

Michael J. Baratz, Jared R. Butcher, Steven K. Davidson, Molly Bruder Fox