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Is 2021 the Year for Federal Movement on CBD?

USA - January 14 2021 It is clear that cannabidiol (“CBD”) is everywhere and in (almost) everything; in foods, beverages, and even pet foods. What is less clear is how CBD…

Steven Armstrong, Tony Subketkaew, Suzanne Trigg

FTC Takes Action Against Six Firms for False CBD Disease Claims

USA - December 29 2020 The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) announced a major crackdown on deceptive advertising for cannabidiol (“CBD”) products recently, taking aim at…

Steven Armstrong, Kayla J. Cristales, Tony Subketkaew, Suzanne Trigg

FDA Breaks Its Silence on CBD

USA - July 27 2020 After much anticipation, the FDA has begun, once again, to address its policies on cannabidiol (CBD) via…

Kayla J. Cristales, Suzanne Trigg

FDA Announces Process for Guidance Documents COVID19

USA - March 25 2020 The FDA has announced procedures, which operate within the FDA’s established…

Sally Dahlstrom, Suzanne Trigg

FDA Increase Supplies in Response to COVID-19

USA - March 25 2020 The FDA took action to increase U.S. supplies to support the U.S. response to…

Sally Dahlstrom, Suzanne Trigg