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Shipping and Offshore Energy London Office Newsletter Digest- 2022 Year in Review

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - January 17 2023 As the editor of the newsletter, I am very excited to bring you the first annual digest of our quarterly newsletters. While Haynes and Boone, and CDG…

James Brown, Fiona Cain, William Cecil, Simon Curtis, Andreas Dracoulis, Mette Duffy, Teena Grewal, Mark Johnson, Amanda Larrington, Jonathan Morton, Charlotte Mullis, Anna Nerush, Conrad Purcell, Andreas Silcher, Shu Shu Wong

Sanctions on Russia revisited: Using reasonable endeavours in the event of force majeure now excuses strict performance

Russia, United Kingdom - November 15 2022 In October 2022, the English Court of Appeal delivered its judgment in MUR Shipping BV v RTI Ltd1 overturning the Commercial Court's judgment and…

Fiona Cain, Kayley Rousell

Limitation of Liability: A General Overview under English Law

United Kingdom - October 3 2022 Limitation of liability provisions are a key aspect of commercial contracts and are often heavily negotiated. Without such provisions, there is no…

Shu Shu Wong

English Court Awards £14.98 Million in “Loss of a Chance” Damages for Breach of a Confidentiality and Exclusivity Agreement

United Kingdom - September 16 2022 In July 2022, the English Commercial Court ruled in Bugsby Property LLC v LGIM Commercial Lending Limited, Legal & General Assurance Society Limited…

Shu Shu Wong

What is a document?

United Kingdom - September 1 2022 When a dispute arises, your lawyers will ask you to preserve and/or provide them with the relevant documents. In the past, we would have expected you…

Fiona Cain, Christopher Orford