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International trade law

Global, India - February 28 2013 The concept of International Trade law is a complicated and cumbersome it is an ever expanding area. The International trade relationship consists of…

A glance over the easementary rights

India - January 31 2013 An easement is a right which the owner of a property has to compel the owner of another property to allow something to be done, or to refrain from…

Non-compete clause in the Indian law of contracts - an insight

India - November 30 2012 A non-compete clause is well known under the Contractual Laws as the clause being made out into any agreement between two parties where one party is…

Changed scenario of commercial laws

India - October 31 2012 The constitutional bench of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India consisting of five judges including the Chief Justice of India, has overruled the most prominent and highly contentious and prevailing precedent regarding the commercial laws settled in ‘Bhatia International Vs Bulk Trading’(Bhatia) since a decade back in 2002.

“Goodwill” is an intangible asset eligible for depreciation

India - September 29 2012 The Supreme Court of India has very recently on 22.08.2012 in the case of CIT Vs Smifs Securities Ltd., 1declared that goodwill would fall under the expression “any other business or commercial right of a similar nature” under clause (b) of Explanation 3 of section 32(i) of the income Tax Act, 1961.