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Probity in Action - the new COVID-19 Procurement Policy Note

Australia - April 29 2022 The COVID-19 pandemic has required Commonwealth entities to act swiftly but defensibly in undertaking procurement activities and managing contracts…

Veena Bedekar

Probity in Action - Practical tips for navigating the Black Economy Procurement Connected Policy

Australia - April 21 2022 Businesses tendering for certain Commonwealth procurement contracts valued over $4 million (GST inclusive) must provide, with their tenders, a…

Veena Bedekar, Jessica Fitzpatrick

Urgent Commonwealth procurements during COVID-19: focus on the urgent; remember the important

Australia - April 21 2020 Commonwealth procurements are subject to the Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs). The CPRs prescribe processes to facilitate the achievement of a…

Jessica Anderson, Veena Bedekar

COVID-19 updates for Commonwealth procurement and grants processes - a probity lens

Australia - April 1 2020 Have you considered how the COVID-19 pandemic might affect your procurement or grant process from a probity and process perspective…

Veena Bedekar

COVID-19 updates for Commonwealth contracts

Australia - March 16 2020 The current coronavirus pandemic is causing organisations to carefully consider how they will deal with the risks associated with this pandemic…

Katherine Armytage, Caroline Atkins, Gavan Mackenzie, Pria O’Sullivan, Anthony Willis