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Automatic Mutual Recognition on the horizon for building practitioners

Australia - September 16 2021 Legal Insights New Commonwealth legislation provides a framework for automatic mutual recognition of an individual’s registration as a building…

Vujan Krunic, Anna Scannell

Cash is king: completing a construction project during a pandemic

Australia - May 28 2020 Navigating an unforeseen event like the COVID-19 pandemic for projects already on foot is very difficult. The pandemic is a once in a generation…

Ben McLeod

Cash is king: tendering for a construction project during a pandemic

Australia - May 26 2020 The coronavirus pandemic has seen a significant economic downturn, with a lengthy recession likely for the coming months. On both existing projects…

Ben McLeod

Innovation in industrial development | Part 1 - Construction challenges and opportunities

Australia - September 17 2019 The nature of industrial property, and its occupiers, is evolving rapidly. From a traditional manufacturing base, industrial property now includes…

Nick Sparks