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ACCC’s 2022 enforcement priorities - what you need to know

Australia - March 3 2022 Steady as she goes - A new Chair, some new priorities, but otherwise a steady approach for 2022/23 Earlier today, Mr Rod Sims, Chair of the Australian…

Shaun Temby

2021 in Review: Australian Competition & Consumer Commission

Australia - February 23 2022 Thought Leadership We are pleased to present our annual Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Year in Review publication. In this…

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ACCC’s 2020 enforcement priorities - what you need to know

Australia - February 25 2020 Rod Sims, Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) Chairman, threw in some unexpected wild cards when launching the ACCC’s 2020 Compliance…

Shaun Temby

Australian Federal Court declares that the proposed Vodafone/TPG merger is not likely to substantially lessen competition

Australia - February 14 2020 With the Federal Court handing down its summary decision yesterday in Vodafone’s appeal against the ACCC’s decision not to provide informal clearance…

Elise Ball

Record penalties, some wins, some losses - the ACCC’s 2019

Australia - February 6 2020 Later this month, ACCC Chair Rod Sims will be announcing the enforcement priorities at the annual Centre for Economic Development lunchtime event…

Shaun Temby