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M&A in Mexico

Global, Mexico - January 8 2019 A structured guide to merger and acquisition law and practice in Mexico

Jesus Colunga, Amilcar Garcias, Juan José López de Silanes

Mexico has a full legal framework for implementing public-private partnerships -PPP-

Mexico - December 15 2012 With the enactment of the new Regulations to the Public-Private Partnership Law (“PPP Regulations”) and the new Guidelines that set out provisions for determining social returns achieved from a project, as well as whether carrying out a project under a PPP scheme is appropriate (“PPP Guidelines”), published in the Federal Official Gazette (Spanish acronym DOF) on November 5 and 22, 2012, respectively, Mexico has a full legal framework for implementing infrastructure projects on a PPP basis.

Juan Carlos Serra

Mexico Launches The National Anti-Corruption System

Mexico - August 2 2017 Derived from a constitutional amendment in 2015 in matters of Anti-Corruption, and in relation to the secondary laws which enact the so-called…

Rodolfo Barreda Alvarado

Proposal for a new Mexican official standard (PROY-NOM-163-SEMARNAT-ENER-SCFI-2012)

Mexico - February 27 2013 On February 20, 2013 there was published in the Federal Official Gazette a proposal for a new Mexican Official Standard…

Rodolfo Barreda Alvarado, Ricardo Evangelista

Modifications to the general law of ecological balance and environmental protection with regard to light pollution and to the general law for the prevention and comprehensive management of wastes in matters of co-processing of waste.

Mexico - January 19 2021 On January 18th, 2021, the following decrees were published in the Federal Official Gazette: a) Decree by which various provisions of the General Law…

Ricardo Evangelista