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Spotlight: free speech and media freedom in United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates - January 12 2021 This article examines the legally protected forms of expression in United Arab Emirates, including free speech and freedom of the press, as well as exceptions to these freedoms and special considerations for media organisations.

Insight: an overview of media and entertainment law in United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates - January 12 2021 A general introduction to the legal framework governing the media and entertainment industry in United Arab Emirates, including key trends and recent developments.

Putting the campaign on ice: the position of alcohol advertising in the UAE

United Arab Emirates - March 15 2020 Alcohol has an unusual position in the UAE. Whilst not illegal, it is not legal to consume it unless you are a non-Muslim and are doing so in certain…

Mirey Sheniara

C is for content, clients, claims and copyright: ten short notes about copyright for the Middle East

Middle East - March 1 2020 Copyright forms the basis of the rights that are incorporated within any piece of content. Be it a photograph, a short video, a jingle, a film or a…

Mariam Sabet

Golden Globes and Silver Linings: an introduction to film investment for private investors

United Arab Emirates - February 29 2020 People decide to invest in film for many reasons, and few of those reasons are related to the certainty of a return. Many people are seeking to…