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German Federal Court of Justice upholds provisional compulsory license for HIV drugs

Germany - July 12 2017 The Bundesgerichtshof (German Federal Court of Justice - FCJ), Germany’s highest civil court, has decided on 11 July 2017 that the decision of the…

Dr. Thomas Hirse

More bad news for the European Unitary Patent: The Federal Constitutional Court pro-visionally stops transposition laws

European Union, Germany - June 15 2017 The Bundestag and Bundesrat have passed German laws on the European patent with unitary effect (the "European Unitary Patent") and the Unitary Patent…

Dr. Thomas Hirse

Verfassungsbeschwerde gegen das Einheitspatent: Neue Hintergründe

European Union, Germany - August 21 2017 Das Bundesverfassungsgericht (nachfolgend: BVerfG) hat das Umsetzungsgesetz zum EU-Einheitspatent vorläufig gestoppt. Nun sind neue Hintergründe zum…

Dr. Thomas Hirse

The future of the European Unitary Patent - dark clouds on the horizon?

European Union, United Kingdom - June 2 2017 The art of prophecy is very difficult, especially with respect to the future. Predicting the future of the European Unitary Patent - and the UK's…

Dr. Thomas Hirse

German constitutional challenge to UPCA: new background information

European Union, Germany - August 24 2017 The German Constitutional Court (the "Court") has stopped the ratification of the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court (the "UPCA") during preliminary…

Dr. Thomas Hirse