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EU Commission proposes new investigative review tools to tackle market distortions by foreign subsidies

European Union - May 6 2021 On 5 May 2021, the European Commission proposed the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on foreign subsidies distorting the…

Roxana Mina Kruse, Kai Neuhaus, Roderick Nieuwmeyer, Moritz Pottek

Germany amends the law against restraints of competition

Germany - January 22 2021 On 20 January 2021, extensive amendments to German competition law came into force with the enactment of the 10th amendment to the German Act against…

Peter Giese, Dr. Christian Friedrich Haellmigk, Dr. Rolf Hempel, Dr. Björn Herbers, Dr. Harald Kahlenberg, Stefan Lehr, Dr. Jens Neitzel, Kai Neuhaus, Dr. Dietmar Rahlmeyer, Dr. Tim Reher, Dr. Markus Schöner, Christoff Henrik Soltau

State aid available to businesses in Germany during the Coronavirus Crisis

European Union, Germany - April 3 2020 During the coronavirus crisis, State aid is a way for businesses to obtain liquidity. State aid can be granted by all national public sector bodies…

Dr. Hermann Müller, LL.M., Daphne Brunkhorst, Helmer Krane, Florian Kuhlmann

Hotels considering filing for damages against, HRS and Expedia after ban of “best price clauses”

Germany - February 16 2016 In a recent decision, the German competition authority (FCO) prohibited the use of "best price clauses" applied by the hotel platform The…

Kirsten Baubkus