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Autorité de la Concurrence: Record fine for systematic price fixing

France, Germany - April 17 2020 The French Competition Authority ("Autorité de la Concurrence", or "Autorité" in the following) imposed a record fine of around EUR 1.1 billion on…

Shaya Stender

Germany amends the law against restraints of competition

Germany - January 22 2021 On 20 January 2021, extensive amendments to German competition law came into force with the enactment of the 10th amendment to the German Act against…

Dr. Michael Bauer, Peter Giese, Dr. Christian Friedrich Haellmigk, Dr. Rolf Hempel, Dr. Björn Herbers, Dr. Harald Kahlenberg, Stefan Lehr, Dr. Jens Neitzel, Kai Neuhaus, Dr. Dietmar Rahlmeyer, Dr. Tim Reher, Christoff Henrik Soltau

German court rules no luxury goods in food retail outlets

European Union, Germany - April 16 2018 On 6 April 2018, the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court ruled that the food retailer real, whose parent company is Germany’s Metro AG, may not sell…

Hamburg court extends ECJ's ruling on third-party platform ban to non-luxury goods

Germany - June 12 2018 On 22 March 2018, the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court in Hamburg ruled that a supplier of food supplements and various toiletries may prohibit…

Dr. Denis Schlimpert

Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court allows discussion of retail pricing in individual cases

Germany - December 20 2019 Are manufacturers allowed to talk to their dealers about the price positioning of their products during ongoing contractual relationships? When would…

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