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Autorité de la Concurrence: Record fine for systematic price fixing

France, Germany - April 17 2020 The French Competition Authority ("Autorité de la Concurrence", or "Autorité" in the following) imposed a record fine of around EUR 1.1 billion on…

Shaya Stender

German cartel law in the time of the coronavirus

Germany - March 26 2020 The coronavirus should not stop antitrust law, but German economic leaders are expressing interest in temporarily relaxing certain cartel laws in…

Tobias Duhe

Coronavirus contract checks - A ten-point checklist for all companies

Germany - March 24 2020 The coronavirus pandemic is keeping the world on tenterhooks and affecting companies in all industries and of all sizes. In order to mitigate the…

Dr. Gerald Gräfe

Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court allows discussion of retail pricing in individual cases

Germany - December 20 2019 Are manufacturers allowed to talk to their dealers about the price positioning of their products during ongoing contractual relationships? When would…

Lukas Fries

Selective distribution: Frankfurt court confirms the legality of third-party platform bans

Germany - July 19 2018 On 12 July 2018, the Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt ruled on the appeal procedure in the Coty case (No. 11 U 96/14 Kart) and decided that the…

Dr. Denis Schlimpert