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EU's General Court confirms Commission's new merger referral policy in Illumina/Grail case

European Union, Germany - July 15 2022 Under Article 22 of the EU Merger Regulation (EUMR), national competition authorities have the possibility to request referral to the Commission of…

Christoff Henrik Soltau

Ten key takeaways of the draft revision for the EU merger control procedure

European Union, Germany - May 23 2022 Following its evaluation of procedural and jurisdictional aspects of EU merger control, on 6 May 2022 the European Commission published drafts for a…

Christoff Henrik Soltau

Proposal for EU Data Act adopted - Commission Aims at Boosting Europe’s Data Economy with new legal rules for data access and sharing

European Union, Germany - February 24 2022 Following consultation and intensive internal discussions in 2021, the European Commission on 23 February released its proposal for a “Data Act”. If…

Dr. Markus Häuser, Dr. Tilman Niedermaier, Moritz Pottek

General Court backs European Commission in Altice gun jumping case - confirming strict standard for standstill obligation

European Union - September 28 2021 On 22 September 2021, the General Court dismissed Altice's action against the European Commission's 2018 decision imposing two fines totalling EUR…

Christoff Henrik Soltau

EU Green Deal, sustainability and competition law: European Commission’s policy reforms take shape

European Union - September 22 2021 In December 2019, the European Commission presented the “European Green Deal”, which commits to climate neutrality by 2050. EU Member States promised…

Roxana Mina Kruse