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Violation of merger control procedural rules: European Commission fines Sigma-Aldrich for giving misleading information on remedy package

European Union, Germany - May 10 2021 On 3 May 2021, the European Commission fined chemical maker Sigma-Aldrich EUR 7.5 million for providing misleading information during merger control…

Dr. Björn Herbers

EU General Court issues ruling in CK Telecoms (case T-399/16)

European Union, United Kingdom - July 21 2020 On 28 May 2020, in a landmark judgment the General Court of the European Union annulled the European Commission's 2016 decision to block the proposed…

Dr. Björn Herbers

State aid available to businesses in Germany during the Coronavirus Crisis

European Union, Germany - April 3 2020 During the coronavirus crisis, State aid is a way for businesses to obtain liquidity. State aid can be granted by all national public sector bodies…

Dr. Hermann Müller, LL.M., Dr. Michael Bauer, Helmer Krane, Florian Kuhlmann