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Employee unjustifiably dismissed after producing suspicious medical certificate

New Zealand - July 23 2014 The Employment Court recently held that the dismissal by Telecom of an employee who produced a suspicious medical certificate after he failed to…

Grace Stacey-Jacobs

Employer ordered to disclose applicants' CVs to unsuccessful job seeker

New Zealand - March 5 2014 The Human Rights Review Tribunal recently ordered an employer to disclose to an unsuccessful job applicant alleging age discrimination, the names…

Susannah Maxfield

New guidelines for workplace bullying

New Zealand - February 28 2014 WorkSafe NZ and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) have released a new set of "best practice guidelines" relating to…

Liz Coats

Employer justified in dismissing for "out of work" behaviour

Australia, New Zealand - November 19 2013 In April this year we reported on the Employment Relations Authority determination on the justified dismissal of Guy Hallwright, a senior investment…

Anna Holland

Independent Taskforce recommends urgent and sweeping changes of current workplace health and safety system

New Zealand - May 21 2013 After a 10-month inquiry process, the Independent Taskforce on Workplace Health and Safety issued its findings last month. It recommends urgent and…

Grace Stacey-Jacobs, Anna Holland