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Order in the land of indefeasible mortgages has been restored

New Zealand - April 26 2012 In a decision released in September 2011, the High Court ruled that a mortgagee cannot exercise its power of sale under the mortgage if the Family Court has subsequently made an interim occupation order under the Property (Relationships) Act.

Murray Tingey

Court of Appeal not so generous to Glenmorgan

New Zealand - April 26 2012 Until recently, the PPSA did not give second and subsequent ranking secured creditors a statutory right to take possession of collateral in the event of default.

Murray Tingey

Apportionment of receivers' remuneration

New Zealand - April 26 2012 A recent High Court decision by Justice Heath on the new section 30(2B) of the Receiverships Act 1993 (the Act) provides guidance as to how receivers should account for their remuneration and expenses when dealing with accounts receivable and inventory.

Murray Tingey

Hive down restructurings

New Zealand - April 26 2012 Recently a number of businesses that were acquired in the relatively heady pre-GFC days have needed to take action to restructure their equity and debt.

Murray Tingey