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Bermuda Insights: Trends and Opportunities 2022

Bermuda - July 28 2022 As part of our five year anniversary celebrations of our law firm opening in Bermuda, we put together the original version of this summary report…

Rajah Abusrewil, Adam Bathgate, Jonathan Betts, Ciaran Bohnacker, Joanne Collett, Mark Cummings, Nicholas Davies, Sarah Demerling, Peter Dunlop, Melanie Fullerton, Michaela Lam, Neil McDonald, Natalie Neto, Rachel Nightingale, Patrick Ormond, Tom Pugh, Andy Randall, John Rogers, Rupen Shah, Shirleen Tan, Kevin Taylor, James Twigg

Bermuda CLOs: Top 3 Tips

Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Ireland, Jersey - June 3 2022 Bermuda and Collateralized Loan Obligations ("CLOs") Following the inclusion in February 2022 of the Cayman Islands on the European Union's AML list…

Adam Bathgate

(Bermuda) A Guide to Taking Security

Bermuda - April 13 2022 Following execution of the security document(s), the secured party will want to ensure that particulars of the security are filed with the Registrar…

Jonathan Betts

Bermuda - An Ideal Location for International Business

OECD, USA - April 6 2022 This briefing explains Bermuda's adoption of rigorous international tax and regulatory standards, which, in conjunction with local laws, make Bermuda…

Adam Bathgate, Jonathan Betts, Sarah Demerling, Peter Dunlop, Melanie Fullerton, Natalie Neto, Rachel Nightingale, Shaela Rae, Kevin Taylor, Tom Toriola, Nicole Tovey

Global Fund Finance Trends 2022

Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Ireland, Jersey, Singapore - February 17 2022 Off the back of another record breaking year of deals, both in size and volume, the resilience of the fund finance market is likely to continue…

Adeola Adeyemi, Paul Aherne, Hugh Anderson, Adam Bathgate, Zoë Hallam, Justin Hart, Julia Keppe, Ian McNamee, Richard Siddle, Andrew Traynor, Alice Wight