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Practical strategies for patent marking of software-related inventions*

USA - September 30 2011 The patent statute requires patent owners who make, offer for sale, or sell products covered by an apparatus patent to provide notice of their rights by marking a patented article, or in some cases its packaging, with a suitable patent notice.

Eric Faragi

Application of the common interest doctrine in patent cases

USA - April 27 2011 The so called “common interest doctrine” often allows different parties who share a common legal interest, but not necessarily the same counsel or the same adversaries, to share privileged information without waiving the attorney-client privilege or attorney work product immunity.

Christopher Patrick

Cases to Watch in 2016

USA - March 2 2016 Over the past five years, as the result of the America Invents Act (“AIA”) and several Supreme Court decisions, U.S. patent law underwent a number of…

Mark S. Zhai

How to protect company IP in the age of social media

USA - June 25 2012 Companies increasingly use social media to foster business, interact with clients and vendors and hire employees.

Justine A. Gozzi

Issues to consider before monetizing standard-essential patents by sale or enforcement

USA - January 7 2014 Companies that participate in standard setting organizations ("SSOs") typically agree to license any patents essential to practice the standard on…

Henry Chen