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‘Anything goes, or does it?’ - How far can the pursuit of shop stewards go?

South Africa - March 27 2017 Shop stewards and union representatives play an important role advocating for the enhancement of employee rights, but what happens when their pursuit…

Nicholas Preston

NEC4: Time-barred from notifying or referring a dispute?

South Africa - June 6 2018 Under the amended Option W1, a further stage in the tiered dispute resolution process has been added and parties are now obliged to make a meaningful…

Reabetswe Mampane, Joe Whittle

On-demand guarantees: compliance - how much is required?

South Africa - July 19 2017 In the recent English judgment of MUR Joint Ventures BV v Compagnie Monégasque De Banque [2016] EWHC 3107 (Comm) [25], the Commercial Court…

Joe Whittle