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Retaining your victory after arbitration: useful tips for employers

South Africa - August 8 2016 An employer should realise that an arbitration award in its favour is not necessarily the end of the matter. Trade unions and employees may elect to…

Nicholas Preston

Derivative misconduct in the workplace – new limitations?

South Africa - July 27 2015 Employers are often faced with scenarios where theft or other misconduct occurs within the workplace and the culprits cannot be identified. Very often…

Mohsina Chenia

Relief for violent and ongoing strike action: What’s on the cards?

South Africa - January 22 2018 It is no secret that strike action in South Africa is frequently accompanied by violence, often with far-reaching effects for employers, non-striking…

Hugo Pienaar

Investing in your employees doesn’t make them yours

South Africa - August 5 2019 Hiring new staff usually comes at great expense to employers, who place them on intensive training programmes soon after they take up employment…

Nicholas Preston

The transport and rail sector under review

South Africa - October 7 2015 The current state of affairs within South Africa’s transport sector, specifically the rail sector, has been informed by a variety of legislative and…

Claire Barclay