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Investing in your employees doesn’t make them yours

South Africa - August 5 2019 Hiring new staff usually comes at great expense to employers, who place them on intensive training programmes soon after they take up employment…

Nicholas Preston

Leave your politics at the door: EFF reprimanded for interfering with workplace issues

South Africa - November 12 2018 “Where it comes to the EFF and its functionaries, it should simply not stick in its nose where it does not belong”. These were some of the Labour…

Nicholas Preston

Armchair critics: Trade Union warned not to frustrate retrenchment process

South Africa - July 30 2018 This question was recently considered in the matter of Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union and Others v Tanker Services (JS148/16)…

Hugo Pienaar

Relief for violent and ongoing strike action: What’s on the cards?

South Africa - January 22 2018 It is no secret that strike action in South Africa is frequently accompanied by violence, often with far-reaching effects for employers, non-striking…

Hugo Pienaar

Maternity leave is no longer for mom alone - but it’s still baby steps for now

South Africa - October 30 2017 The dispute was referred to the Labour Court, which held that the right to maternity leave in terms of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, No 75…

Nicholas Preston