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Back to basics - locus standi in litigation

South Africa - February 27 2019 Locus standi in iudicio concerns "the sufficiency and directness of a litigant's interest in proceedings which warrants his or her title to prosecute…

Jonathan Witts-Hewinson

Surrogacy - too much to bear?

South Africa - January 24 2018 Surrogacy - a word recently dragged kicking and screaming into the limelight by the pop-couple Kardashian-West. What caused the outcry? Kim’s…

Jonathan Ripley-Evans

Shots fired in the drone community

South Africa, USA - July 12 2017 William Merideth from Kentucky, USA, aka, "the Drone Slayer" achieved notoriety in 2015 when he used a shotgun to down a drone flying over his…

Jonathan Ripley-Evans

Drunk enough to be dismissed?

South Africa - August 15 2016 One would think that if an employee is found to be under the influence of alcohol at work it is a straightforward dismissible offence. Recent case…

Hugo Pienaar

Does a certificate of outcome cure a dispute’s jurisdictional issues?

South Africa - February 15 2016 In the case Cinqplast Plastop V Dunn No And Others Case No Jr: 1751/14 the question before the Labour Court was whether a certificate of outcome…

Hugo Pienaar