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Presidential Executive Order Limits Federal Government Purchase and Use of PFAS

USA - January 25 2022 President Biden issued Executive Order No. 14057 (the “Executive Order”) on Dec. 8, 2021 that incorporates the Federal Sustainability Plan to…

Michael L. Meyer

EPA Extends Deadline for the Expiration of Existing Pesticide Applicator Certification Plans to Nov. 4, 2022

USA - January 25 2022 The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently extended the March 4, 2022 deadline for the expiration of existing federal, state, territory, and…

Michael L. Meyer

EPA Indefinitely Extends Emerging Viral Pathogen Guidance for COVID-19

USA - November 29 2021 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced that it has indefinitely extended its emerging viral pathogens (EVP) guidance for…

Megan Luby

EPA Releases New Testing Method in Ongoing Effort To Address PFAS Contamination in Pesticide Packaging

USA - October 1 2021 The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently released an agency-validated analytical method for identifying over two dozen per- and…

Aren Olson

Seventh Circuit Clarifies Standard for Apportionment in CERCLA § 107(a) Cases

USA - September 15 2021 In a recent decision, the Seventh Circuit clarified that to qualify for “apportioned” — rather than “joint-and-several” — liability under CERCLA §…

Frank J. Deveau, Aren Olson