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Municipalities Are Now Included In PURA Small Cell Cases Before Public Utilities Regulatory Authority

USA - June 21 2017 In its final decision in Docket No. 17-02-49 adopted on June 2, 2017, the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority incorporated nearly all of the…

Burt Cohen

Enforcing Personal Guaranties

USA - July 20 2016 You might wonder whether lenders can enforce a guaranty of a loan from an individual or entity that has no formal connection with the borrower, i.e…

Frank J. Saccomandi, III

Negative Pledge Pros and Cons

USA - March 28 2016 Does a Lender really get any protection from a Negative Pledge provided by a Borrower? In some situations where a Lender would like to have security…

Frank J. Saccomandi, III