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Patents in Taiwan - Lexology Navigator Q&A

Global, Taiwan - May 8 2015 A structured guide to patents law and practice in Taiwan

Patentability in Taiwan: Lexology Navigator Q&A

Global, Taiwan - July 1 2015 An overview of patentability law and practice in Taiwain...

Patent enforcement through the courts in Taiwan

Global, Taiwan - August 4 2015 A structured guide to enforcing patents through the courts in Taiwan...

Insight: trademark registration in Taiwan

Taiwan - January 10 2021 An overview of trademark registration procedures in Taiwan, including registrable marks, opposition proceedings and appeals.

Lu-Fa Tsai

In review: patent legislation in Taiwan

Taiwan - November 6 2019 A review of some of the key provisions of the patent legislation in Taiwan, covering the types of patent available, liability for infringement and grounds for invalidity, among other things.