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COVID-19—Evaluating Material Adverse Change Clauses in Loan Agreements

USA - March 24 2020 Access to credit is a question of paramount importance to borrowers navigating uncertain times, and as market participants work to assess the impact…

John S. Kyed, Jason B. Larkin, Scott McEachron, Jay Spader

Would Business Interruption Insurance Cover Losses Stemming from a Coronavirus Pandemic?

USA - March 5 2020 Most businesses purchase some level of “business interruption” coverage as part of their commercial property insurance policies. But to what extent…

Jonathan G. Pray

Colorado Supreme Court Revisits Economic Loss Rule

USA - May 28 2019 The Colorado Supreme Court has issued a number of opinions over the last several years clarifying the scope of the economic loss rule. On May 7, 2019…

David B. Meschke