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Managing the Impacts of Material Price Fluctuations on Construction Projects

USA - August 3 2021 Recent fluctuations in the prices of construction materials have threatened to wreak havoc on otherwise well-planned and well-managed construction…

Kevin P. Walsh

Careless Errors Under CCIOA: Who Creates the Community?

USA - January 26 2021 When it comes to the creation of common interest communities in Colorado, ambiguities in state law could mean serious liability risks for developers…

Blair E. Lichtenfels, Joshua A. Weiss

Assessing COVID-19 Remedies Under Construction Contracts

USA - March 18 2020 As those in the construction industry grapple with the practical and legal effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic, attention has primarily been…

Kevin P. Walsh

What Are Parties’ Rights Under the AIA Owner-Contractor Agreements in the Event of a Coronavirus Pandemic?

USA - March 6 2020 Needless to say, a coronavirus pandemic (or even the threat of such a pandemic) could have significant impacts on ongoing construction projects. A…

Kevin P. Walsh

Would Business Interruption Insurance Cover Losses Stemming from a Coronavirus Pandemic?

USA - March 5 2020 Most businesses purchase some level of “business interruption” coverage as part of their commercial property insurance policies. But to what extent…

Justin L. Cohen