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Mandatory vaccination and other updates (VIC)

Australia - May 9 2022 The beginning of 2022 has given rise to a number of developments in employment law, particularly in the mandatory vaccination space. In this update…

Amy Millar

Returning to work under COVIDSafe workplace plans and other recent trends

Australia - May 14 2020 Last week the Australian Government announced a three step framework for a COVIDSafe Australia. The states and territories are able to implement…

Jan Dransfield, Katelyn Iacono, Ruveni Kelleher, Louise Russell

Sexual harassment: now squarely a Work Health and Safety issue

Australia - March 10 2021 Safe Work Australia has released new national guidance on preventing and responding to workplace sexual harassment (Guide). The release of the Guide…

Amy Millar

Managing workplace psychosocial hazards

Australia - June 15 2022 Recent legislative developments and a High Court decision confirm that workplace behaviours are now squarely a work health and safety issue and that…

Alessandra Moussa

Mandatory COVID-19 vaccines in the workplace

Australia - August 3 2021 Medical experts consider that the Delta strain is up to 40% more contagious than previous strains of COVID-19. [1] As we are experiencing in NSW, the…

Jan Dransfield, Frances Dreyer, Erin Wilson