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Investing in Australian Real Estate

Australia - July 24 2017 The Australian real estate market continues to be a significant destination for foreign investment as an attractive safe haven for overseas investors…

Marcus Clark, David Colenso, Carrie Follas, Reynah Tang

Lease or licence: know the difference

Australia - March 16 2017 We are regularly asked the following questions: Does our company need a lease or will a licence suffice? We have excess space. Should our company…

Georgina Xiradis

Lease incentive clawback provisions potentially unenforceable following Queensland Supreme Court decision

Australia - March 18 2015 In the recent decision of GWC Property Group Pty Ltd v Higginson & OR's [2014] QSC 264, the Queensland Supreme Court held that the incentive clawback…

Jakob Moser, Rosemary Tedesco

Liquidator disclaims - High Court proclaims

Australia - February 28 2014 The High Court of Australia recently considered two issues relating to a liquidator’s power to disclaim a lease granted by the company in liquidation…

David Proudman