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Lease or licence: know the difference

Australia - March 16 2017 We are regularly asked the following questions: Does our company need a lease or will a licence suffice? We have excess space. Should our company…

Ivor Kaplan

Signing documents in the digital age

Australia - March 16 2017 As technology advances, opportunities to update business practices are offered. However, the law is often one step behind, making it difficult for…

Christine Ecob

The New Country of Origin Labelling Regime - Are your products still “true blue”?

Australia, New Zealand - May 17 2016 On 1 July 2016, a new regime relating to country of origin (COO) labelling for unpackaged and packaged foods will come into operation. The regime…

Sar Katdare

Telecommunications Sector Security Reforms: Raising the bar too high?

Australia - March 31 2016 When it comes to cyber-crime and national security, the Government understandably needs to take a robust approach to dealing with threats. The…

Ravi de Fonseka