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Law of the Land - October 2020

USA - October 13 2020 Is a liquidated damages clause enforceable? Is a change of control deemed an assignment in Hawaii? Did a landlord’s purported termination of lease…

Cristina L. Addy, Kevin P. O'Flaherty, Gary M. Ronan, Alana Rusin

State of Play: Reopening Considerations for College and University Athletic Programs

USA - August 31 2020 Colleges and universities face a host of issues to consider before reopening athletic programs in the wake of COVID-19, from the day-to-day operation…

David Avitabile, Carla A. Reeves

Avoiding Coronavirus Discrimination Claims in Retail and Hospitality

USA - July 28 2020 On the 30th anniversary of its passage, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) deserves recognition for its continued viability and adaptability…

Matthew P. Horvitz

Law of the Land - July 2020

United Kingdom, USA - July 6 2020 The slow-burning standoffs between commercial landlords and tenants in the COVID-19 pandemic are beginning to turn white-hot. Some landlords are…

Kevin P. O'Flaherty, Gary M. Ronan, Alana Rusin, David M. Zucker

Protecting Multi-Tenant Residential Maintenance Employees from COVID-19

USA - April 6 2020 Multi-tenant residential housing properties face numerous financial and operational challenges from the outbreak of Coronavirus disease 2019…

Matthew P. Horvitz