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Bag Bans: The War on Plastic Bags

USA - April 17 2019 Grocery shoppers used to make the final decision of their supermarket trip in the checkout line. Reaching for boxes of cereal, cartons of eggs, and…

Daniel E. Lasman

New Payment Structures for a New Age

United Kingdom - February 28 2019 We’ve written about changes in the way goods are bought and sold, from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce. But what about how goods are being paid for…

Jessica Carballo

Not Just Fun and Games: The Demise of Toys "R" Us, Inc. and the Changing Face of Retail

USA - December 19 2018 This year marks the first Christmas in modern memory without Toys "R" Us, Inc. The loss of the international toy seller leaves billions of dollars in…

Jessica Carballo

Year-End Trademark Audits Ensure Complete Brand Protection

USA - December 7 2018 With the end of the year approaching and the holiday shopping season in full swing, now is an ideal time for brand owners to audit their trademark…

Andrew T. O'Connor

Counterfeits in the Digital Marketplace

USA - November 7 2018 Counterfeiting has moved beyond high-priced luxury goods to low-cost everyday items. Many of these fake products pose real dangers: face masks with…

Jessica Carballo