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Household cleaners and maids protected by the Fair Labor Standards Act

USA - January 31 2013 In a matter of first impression, the Northern District of Illinois determined that maids and house cleaners employed by third parties are protected…

New Jersey moving towards heightened penalties for wage and hour violations

USA - December 17 2012 The New Jersey Assembly Budget Committee has approved legislation to enhance penalties and sanctions against employers who illegally withhold wages and benefits from employees. 

Why employers should be wary about deducting housing costs from employees' pay

USA - November 28 2012 The U.S. Department of Labor (“DOL”) has recovered $213,000 in back wages for 1,028 foreign students who were employed at a plant owned by Hershey Co.

The Fifth Circuit enforces private settlement of claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act

USA - August 31 2012 Several months ago, an employer asked me why settlements under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) are typically accessible to the public.

Xerox company pays employees millions for a few minutes each day

USA - July 27 2012 Affiliated Computers Services, Inc. (“ACS”), a company owned by Xerox, has agreed to settle a wage and hour dispute with call center employees for $4.5 million.