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The next time the judge says you can't have more discovery, remind her of this case

USA - December 17 2012 How often, late in a case, do we realize that we don't have all of the discovery that we need? 

Parental Alienation Syndrome will not be included in the DSM 5

USA - December 15 2012 Back in 2009, we blogged about the possible inclusion of Parental Alienation Syndrome in the long awaited next version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

If it doesn't appear as if you will fight for what you are entitled to, you risk having the other side exploit that to their advantage

USA - December 13 2012 More often than not, clients or potential clients come to us stating that they want to resolve things amicably.

The judge got it wrong so winning this appeal will be easy, right?

USA - December 7 2012 Nearly everyone who has a judge rule against them thinks that the judge got it wrong. 

Surely I can get my alimony reduced after a 17 month job search resulting in a job with a 22% reduction in income?

USA - December 7 2012 With the economic downturn and slow down in the economy since 2008, there has been a lot more post-judgment litigation to reduce alimony and child support.