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If You Agree that Alimony Terminates on Cohabitation, It Really Terminates on Cohabitation, Even If the Cohabitation Ends

USA - May 3 2016 The impact of cohabitation on alimony is often one of the most difficult clauses to negotiate in a marital settlement agreement. The payor always…

The never ending negotiation - death by a thousand paper cuts

USA - February 13 2013 Several years ago, I posted a blog entitled "Some Times You Just Have to Try a Case." In that post, I discussed that there are some times where a…

Parental Alienation Syndrome will not be included in the DSM 5

USA - December 15 2012 Back in 2009, we blogged about the possible inclusion of Parental Alienation Syndrome in the long awaited next version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

Surely I can get my alimony reduced after a 17 month job search resulting in a job with a 22% reduction in income?

USA - December 7 2012 With the economic downturn and slow down in the economy since 2008, there has been a lot more post-judgment litigation to reduce alimony and child support.

Getting temporary custody of a relative does not make you the psychological parent

USA - January 9 2013 We don't typically post about DYFS (now DCPP) or similar type cases on this blog as we usually focus on divorce and related issues. That said, for…